2018 off to a great start!

First of all, this winter in Utah has me in the best mood! Seriously, it's about 50 degrees this whole week and SUNNY! I'm loving it so much. Clark and I went night skiing with our friends one night this week and it was seriously so nice and warm! I love it. Clark on the other hand might not as much, since the snow isn't as great this year. Oops ;)

Clark and I have been waking up earlier before work and trying to work out  in the morning so we have time after we get home in the evenings to do what we want to do. It also makes it ten times easier when both of us are getting up. I still love my gym classes at night that I will go to once or twice a week. I've been experimenting in the kitchen more often than I'd like to admit. I've been finding these awesome healthy easy recipes from Lillie. I've been trying to have ready-to- eat foods in the fridge more often so that at night for dinner or for lunches at school and work we can grab and go. My mother in law, Stacy, gave me an InstaPot for Christmas and my life changed. Dinner ready in minutes is the best thing ever.

Besides my frequent cooking episodes, Clark's really enjoying school and liking his Anatomy class. His current favorite read is "The TB12 Method" by Tom Brady. We'll see how long this extreme health kick lasts (we just went to the store to get ginger root and kale for a smoothie in the morning..) Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to these last few weeks. Disclaimer... most of these pics contain food 🙈







Protein berry muffins :) 


Friday night at Blaze with Abi and Jake 


work girls at megan’s baby shower 


fun having sisters in Provo that drop by 💓